Duromine diet pills and alcohol (or) drug addiction

Duromine is a medication providing an effect similar to amphetamine. This drug is prescribed to people, who suffer from overweight or obesity. Duromine pills provide a strong appetite suppression effect, acting in the brain and central nervous system.

Due to this effect, doctors recommend to avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks, since this combination may cause severe side effects. Patients should visit a doctor and tell him about the history of alcohol (or) drug addiction, if they have ever had any.

In general, when people use any powerful medication after having an alcoholic drink, they increase the concentration of this drug in the blood. This leads to overdose and most likely side effects, like dyspnea, rapid heart and others.

Because Duromine effect is similar to amphetamine, you feel burst of energy throughout a day. But if you mix this anorexigenic drug with alcohol, the nervous system becomes agitated. As a result of energy boost, euphoria feeling occurs accompanied with rapid breath and increased body temperature (fever). The combination of Duromine weight loss drug and alcohol may even violate your vision, since it expands your eye pupils.

As mentioned above, when concentration of Duromine in the blood is high, patients may have side effects, for instance: drowsiness, spasms of the bowel, aggressive or panic behavior, chest pain, tremor of extremities, etc.

Energy surplus leads to rapid heart and therefore may provoke some heart disorders, or even heart attack. Actually, there are no known interactions between Duromine diet pills, alcohol or potent narcotic drugs, but they are all metabolized by the same groups of enzymes. Naturally, toxic effect of each of these substances increases, if they are used together.

The worst thing is that people, who drink alcohol during Duromine anti-obesity therapy, do not feel that intoxicated effect, as other people do. Therefore, these people may suffer from a severe form of intoxication with alcohol.

So, if you use Duromine anti-obesity pills and you are going to go out with friends, please refrain from alcoholic beverages that day. But if you have never used this drug before and you want to buy Duromine pills online, these recommendations would also be useful for you. Before you order Duromine diet pills online, consult a doctor or an online pharmacist.