Duromine and diet

Duromine (Phentermine) is an anorexigenic medication, which is used for excess weight reduction and obesity treatment. It is recommended to use Duromine as a part of weight loss plan along with diet and physical exercises.

Diet is the first method, used for weight loss. There is a direct connection between these two notions – the less you eat, the less you weigh. Moreover, for many obese people, it is much easier to take Duromine to reduce the amount of consumed food, than to do some exercises.

There are many diets for obesity treatment. Some of the diets may cause adverse reactions. In order to reveal adverse reactions, one should undergo medical examination. Not every diet is suitable for overweight people, who take Duromine. In fact, an obese patient should better find out which diet is safe and most effective for a rapid loss of extra weight.

Therapy with Duromine capsules (15mg, 30mg or 40mg) lasts for a short time. Specialists recommend to take Duromine capsules for 12 weeks maximum. Patient, who takes Duromine, is able to reduce his body mass by 15% per three months.

According to clinical studies, after the treatment course with Duromine drug, there is a risk to regain weight. That is why, dietitians suggest to stick to a diet during and after the end of Duromine usage. Perfect solution – lifelong dieting.

Sometimes it is very hard to keep a diet. Duromine (Phentermine) reduces feeling of hunger, therefore Duromine helps people to follow even the strictest diet plans to lose excess weight. It is a fact that within three months of using Duromine, the patient can get used to a diet and continue it after the therapy.

The most popular diets are based on decrease of calorie intake, coming into the body with food. If there is energy deficiency, the body has to use its storages, namely fat.

By using Duromine capsules, one should control the amount of fat in food. Thus, if food contains less fat than usual, the patient’s body will use the accumulated fat to produce energy.

Taking Duromine, patient is recommended to:

  • Eat slowly and with pleasure. When mealtime duration increases, the brain gets satiety signals much faster (hunger pains disappear, but person will eat little amount of food). Do not eat every time you see food.
  • Refuse from fast food. Usually, fast food contains much fat and calories, but little nutrients. Regular visits to the fast food restaurant chains increases the risk of obesity.
  • Refuse from fried food. Those obese patients, who eat fried foods regularly, will hardly lose at least a pound of their excess weight. The fried foods contain a vast amount of fat and oils.
  • Do not skip your meals. Many patients, suffering from obesity, are recommended to eat at least 4 times a day. Refusing from fat does not mean you have to refuse from other essential microelements. The diet must be balanced. If human body is missing some essential elements, it sends a signal – “I am hungry”.
  • Diversify your daily menu. It is the perfect way to eat tasty and provide your body with all the necessary microelements. Fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts can satisfy hunger without harm to your health.
  • You should better quit drinking large amounts of alcohol. The thing is that alcohol contains a large amount of calories and does not provide a healthy lifestyle. In fact, beer stimulates appetite and provokes weight gain.

When taking Duromine capsules (15mg, 30mg or 40mg) you must not refuse from carbs and proteins. The diet of obese patient must contain 50% of carbs. It is carbohydrates but not fats that are a source of energy, which human body needs to function normally.

Obese patients are recommended to eat meat (low fat), which contains a large amount of protein. The diet must contain about 25% of protein. As you might know, proteins are responsible for many important processes (building new cells and tissues).

When taking Duromine, one should choose white meat, not the red one. Poultry, fish and seafood are dietary and therefore low calorie products, comparing to beef and pork.

In practice, obese patient does not necessarily follow some complex diets or starve. On contrary, he should eat the most different foods. However, one should refuse from fat in the first place, yet not completely.

If you have begun taking Duromine pills, but haven’t made your personal diet plan yet, consult a doctor please. If you decide to buy Duromine online, but you have never used this drug together with diet, ask all the questions you want by email.