Duromine in adolescence

Israeli researchers reported that adolescents with obesity and overweight have an increased risk of renal failure in adulthood. But experts say that reducing body weight will diminish these chances.

For the obesity treatment in adolescence, traditional obesity therapy, which includes hypocaloric diet and exercise, can be complemented with appetite suppressant Duromine. Weight loss drug Duromine is one of the few authorized drugs for the obesity treatment, starting at the age of 12.

Previously, renal dysfunctions in obesity were associated with comorbidities (eg insulin resistance, diabetes, hyperuricemia, hypertension). However, kidney diseases can develop, when obesity is not complicated by carbohydrate metabolism disorders, arterial hypertension.

Then experts began to consider obesity as an initial pathogenesis component of the metabolic syndrome and its complications. Studies have shown that anti-obesity therapy with Duromine in adolescence reduces the risk of renal failure in adulthood by 19 times.

In addition to weight loss, Duromine pills help improve metabolic disorders, which promote renal failure. Losing weight with Duromine helps:

  • improve the exchange of lipoproteins,
  • normalize blood pressure,
  • lowering the uric acid level in blood plasma.

When the weight is reduced by only 10% of the original, as a result of therapy with Duromine, blood filtering improves, which results in better excretion of metabolic-waste products, excessive water and sodium from the body. In addition, improvement of renal function, due to slimming with Duromine, helps regulate blood pressure.

Anti-obesity therapy with Duromine helps reduce weight, thus, making kidneys function better. It also eliminates such renal failure symptoms, as: sleeplessness, fatigue, frequent urination, nausea, impaired defecation, depression.

When pharmacotherapy with Duromine results in body fat decrease, other changes manifest in the organism, as well: lipid profile improves, triglycerides and cholesterol levels reduce, phosphorus level in blood plasma decreases, thereby preventing vascular and cardiac insufficiency.

Improvement in kidneys function, resulting from weight loss with Duromine diet pills, prevents formation of phosphorus-calcium salts in the tissues, which hinders the risk of osteoporosis, reduces the severity of pain in bones and joints. Thus, weight control with Duromine helps providing and slowing down the progression of renal failure, which is a potentially modifiable risk factor.

To reduce weight, adolescents over 12 years are indicated one 30mg Duromine pill, as a short-term supplement to hypocaloric diet and increased physical activity. Duromine diet pills are recommended to be taken in the morning before eating, or within 1-2 hours after breakfast.

If the obese adolescent has mild or moderate renal insufficiency, it is recommended to start the anti-obesity therapy with the lowest Duromine dose of 15 mg. Duromine stimulates the adrenal glands, which causes the norepinephrine release. Also, 60 to 85% of Duromine is present in urine for 72 hours. Considering the diminished renal function, higher Duromine doses may increase load on kidneys and enhance the risk of toxic reactions in adolescents.

During pharmacotherapy with Duromine, which lasts for 3 months, a teenager can lose 5% to 15% of the original weight. If an obese patient doesn’t manage to achieve optimal weight over one anti-obesity course with Duromine, pharmacotherapy in adolescents can be repeated in 12 weeks after the last dose of this drug.

An important factor for preventing renal failure in adulthood is the ability to maintain the teenager’s weight, achieved in anti-obesity therapy with Duromine, for a long time. Teenagers must keep to a balanced diet and lead active lifestyle to maintain optimal weight after canceling Duromine pills.